Fruit Trees For Sale Punta Gorda

What property in Southwest Florida is complete without fruit trees? The area is ideal for fruit production, and once trees are acclimated to your property, the harvest will add to your family’s enjoyment with little work required. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape offers fruit trees for sale in Punta Gorda, FL, so take advantage of the Florida climate and grow your own fruit!

To find the right tree for your property, consider these important notes about the selection, planting, and growing process. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape proudly offers landscaping design services and advice, as well as tree installation. Here’s some information to give you a head start with growing your oranges, tangelos, tangerines, lemons, or cocktail trees.

Fruit Trees For Sale Punta GordaThe three basic rules for growing your own fruit trees consist of the following:

  1. Choose the best variety.
  2. Pick the ideal spot on your property.
  3. Protect the tree during its youth.

Choosing the Tree

The best choice for your property should be made from a range of options known to thrive in Southwest Florida. At Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, we stock the orange, tangelo, tangerine, lemon, and cocktail citrus trees that grow well in this area. You can be sure of it. Should you have individual questions about the growing requirements of particular plants, we’re happy to help. We also provide trees in a variety of growth stages.

Choosing the Right Spot for Planting

The best site to install your tree is one that has some protection from northern winds. A rare frost could damage your citrus. Facing the south is ideal, and full sun access is even better. Avoid planting too close to other trees, structures, or septic tanks.

Protect the Tree

During the period of installation within your property, the first few seasons of growing, and the winter months, your new citrus trees could be vulnerable to damage and stress. As your tree grows, its tolerance and durability will increase as well, but you’ll need to baby it during the first two seasons, at least.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape can help provide this protection during planting. We offer installation services for your trees. Our staff will carefully and knowledgably introduce your tree to its new home.

As rare as freezing temperatures might be, the occasional harsh winter could be the death knell for your young citrus tree unless you provide proper protection. By placing a layer of cloth material followed by a layer of plastic tightly over the entire tree, your young tree will be more likely to survive the harshest periods of winter.

Relish the “Fruits” of Your Labor

To ensure that your fruit tree grows and produces well, accept a bit of professional advice. Your Florida home will have the right look, feel, and a scintillating aroma when the landscape includes citrus trees. Stop by Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape at our location in Punta Gorda or Pine Island, FL to browse the citrus fruit trees we have for sale. We strive to provide the best product, services, and advice to enhance every Florida property. Give us a call at 239-362-4327 for further information or to place an order.