Buy Sod in Pine Island

Buy Sod in Pine IslandAchieving the perfect lawn will require the perfect choice of sod along with perfect installation. With a stop by Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, you’ll find both in one place. On offer are ample varieties of sod along with expert landscapers available for service. Find every answer to your questions about creating the beautiful lawn of your Florida dreams as well as assistance with your project, to whatever degree you find appropriate, when you choose this company as your source to buy sod in Pine Island, Florida.

Which Sod Do You Need?

Knowing that you need new sod is easy; choosing the right variety for your lawn may not be. As you consider the various options on offer here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, discuss the pros and cons of each type of grass sod that we have to make a better informed choice. Under the guidance of a landscape professional, you may even choose to have soil tests conducted to determine the sort of nutrients present and provide the appropriate remediation. A little professional guidance should probably influence you as you make the right purchase based upon your situation.

We offer Bahia, St. Augustine, Foratam, and Bermuda, among others. No matter which type you ultimately decide is best, know that every type within our nursery will grow in the area and thrive in hot, sunny conditions.

Should You Install It Yourself or Hire a Landscaping Service?

Once you’ve listened to the experts, considered your options, and made your decision, the next step will be installation. Laying sod is quite a commitment of time and manual labor, particular in relation to ground preparation. This isn’t a situation where you roll it out, apply water, and voila! Magic grass! Far from it, actually.

To have a healthy, thriving lawn, superior quality sod should be installed with high quality practices and skill. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape can provide highly skilled landscapers to follow through from the removal of your current lawn to the installation of your new one. If in doubt, professional landscapers will protect your investment in sod from being placed incorrectly.

Post-Installation Reminders

Once your sod is in and laid, the next week to a week and a half are critical.

  • Water, water, water for the first 2-3 weeks.
  • Don’t walk on the sod until the root system has taken hold and attached within the ground firmly.
  • Keep pets, guests, and children away from your new lawn.
  • Initially, you may see seams where the pieces meet. Don’t fret; they’ll become less and less prominent as the sod pieces merge.
  • Consider hiring a maintenance service to keep your lawn healthy and promote its growth.

Throughout your journey to a luscious new lawn, count on Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to provide the materials and manpower necessary. Whether you simply require a few answers or need full-service landscaping, we will flexibly meet your landscape where it is. Pride in customer satisfaction means that we put your expectations as the goal of the project, providing as much or little help as you’d like.

To see the sod that we have on offer or to speak with one of our landscaping experts, stop in at our local family business here on Pine Island, Florida or give us a call at 239-645-1656.