Buy Shade Trees & Plants in Pine Island, Florida

One of the easiest and most economical ways of improving your property is to plant trees! When you buy shade trees & plants from Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape on Pine Island, Florida, you’ll start with a healthy plant and have the guidance you need to keep it that way.

Buy Shade Trees & Plants in Pine Island, FloridaFor a creative, thriving design, plan comprehensively. Integrate balance and unity into your landscape by making sure that symmetry, environmental requirements, and projected future growth are all considered. Finding the right tree and the perfect placement for every tree and plant in your landscape are important.

The Benefits of Adding Shade to Your Property

Bringing shade to your property will reduce your utility bills and make your yard a more pleasant environment during sunny, hot summers. Southwest Florida can be a region of stifling heat. A shade tree with a wide-reaching canopy will provide maximum shade and relief from the heat – even lowering the temperature by as much as 20 degrees.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape proudly offers the following shade tree options:

  • Magnolia
  • Shady Lady
  • Live Oak
  • Crepe Myrtle

Consider the Degree of Sun Provided to Specific Areas

The sun your tree needs will designate where it should live within your yard. If a tree can’t receive enough sun, it will grow slower and eventually die because it can’t perform adequate photosynthesis. The alternative of too much harsh sun will result in scorched, damaged leaves.

Consider What’s near Your Planting Location

When determining the right place for your chosen tree, evaluate the various structures and other items that are nearby. You should also think with a focus on future growth. Avoid planting a tree where it will interfere with power lines, block an important view, or prevent other trees from growing. Think of what will grow below ground as well. The foundation, your septic tank, and even gas lines need to be free from potential damage by root growth. Consider what’s above, alongside, and below as you choose the right spot to plant your tree.

Remember the Water and Soil Needs of Each Tree

The water and soil required by your choice of tree is also critical to your planning. This step is important and may require a conversation with our friendly, informed staff to help with your decision. We will even come out to your property and provide tree installation services as needed. The initial months of the tree’s acclimation into your yard will require plenty of water and drainage, so take special care to make sure what you provide meets the tree’s needs.

Creating the Plan

After choosing the right tree and location, it will be time to complete your plan. Whether you need to pair your tree with another tree or a set of shrubs, maintain balance and symmetry. For professional assistance to make sure that your landscape is aesthetically complete and botanically healthy, have a talk with the professionals here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

Drop in at your convenience, or give us a call at 239-362-4327. We’re the ideal source for you to buy shade trees & plants on Pine Island, Florida. From landscape design to tree installation and quality, healthy plants, we have your landscape covered!