Buy Palm Trees Pine Island

When your Southwest Florida landscape seems a bit off, the perfect solution is to add a palm tree! A structural feature of your yard, a balancing element of interest, or an effective wind and privacy screen, palms come in many types and serve multiple purposes. To buy palm trees on Pine Island, Florida, count on Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape to provide the right company grown palms for your property.

Buy Palm Trees Pine IslandThe secret to purchasing from Beltran’s lies with its homegrown assurances. For over 30 years, we’ve planted seeds, irrigated, monitored, and overseen the healthy growth of palms on Pine Island. Because we grow them ourselves, you’ll have ready access to plants that meet the height demands for your situation. Don’t wait for your trees to grow into screens, purchase field-grown trees and have instant landscaping success.

The best tree for your landscaping will depend on where you plan to place your palm as well as the purpose it should have. Our five most popular options provide different highlights and fill various purposes. The many different styles and specimens within our stock of homegrown palms make it easy to infuse the tropical gap in your landscape with the ideal palm tree.

Areca Palms

One of our top five palms is the Areca palm. It’s generally chosen as a screen against wind and prying eyes on both business and private property. These trees have a wide canopy and a moderate height. Planting should be within Zone 10 although they can survive in Zone 9b if planted near a water source to enhance the humidity within the warm environment.

Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape nurtures and sells both container and field-planted Areca palm trees. They grow at moderate rates and thrive even during our Florida dry season.

Adonidia Palms

This shorter variety, the Adonidia Palm, is also called the Christmas Palm. The name derives from the white blossoms and red berries displayed during winter months upon the tree’s maturation.

Here at Beltran’s, we offer these trees individually or as part of a group. When cared for appropriately, these trees grow to heights of 25 feet and provide a healthy dose of tropical majesty for landscaping purposes.

Foxtail Palms

The Foxtail Palm has a dense, thick canopy and is well known for copper-colored scars left behind following leaf fall. Freezing temperatures can damage these trees, so make sure that they’re planted in an appropriate location.

Silver Bismarckia Palms

The distinct color and fan shape of the foliage on the Silver Bismarckia Palm mark it as a point of interest for any landscape. Upon maturity, it can grow anywhere between 30 and 50 feet, so plant it away from buildings to leave ample space for the large root ball and expansive canopy that will surely grow.

Pygmy Date Palms

These small palm trees max out at around 10 feet. Because they grow slowly and are relatively small, they’re considered the best palm to fill smaller gaps, and you can purchase them as single-trunk or multi-trunk specimens. These hardy plants will withstand cold temperatures well and add substantial interest to your landscape.

To view and buy palm trees, come see us on Pine Island. Stop in at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape, or give us a quick call at 239-362-4327. We’re eager to set you on the path toward a tropical paradise. We install and service what we sell, so we serve as a one-stop source for your palm tree needs, whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or commercial landscaper.