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Buy Mulch in Pine IslandIncluding mulch in your landscaping plan is an essential step, particularly in very warm climates. The functional benefits of a healthy layer of mulch are significant, and the improvements to the appearance of the landscape are substantial as well. As you decide the type of mulch you need and how exactly to distribute and maintain it, consult with the experts at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape. When your goal is to buy mulch for your landscape in Pine Island, Florida, our company serves to provide full-service solutions and a plethora of mulch selections.

The Functional Benefits of Mulch

  • Protection from the heat of a summer in Southwest Florida is possible with mulch. Shield your plants from being scorched at the roots by laying an appropriate layer of mulch.
  • Keep your plants from dehydration by preventing evaporation of water within the subsurface.
  • Prevent nutrient-stealing weeds from finding a home and sprouting within your flowers and other plantings.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Mulch

While the primary reasons for laying mulch are related to protecting plantings from harmful environmental factors, the aesthetic of the landscape is also affected by mulch. The component provides symmetry, balance, and depth when it’s applied thoughtfully and appropriately. This step should be an integral part of any springtime freshening of a residential or commercial landscape.

    • Color:
      The color of the mulch has a significant aesthetic impact on the landscape. Choose wisely to make sure that the contrast or match has the desired effective. For laypeople, the helpful professionals at Beltran’s stand to provide suggestions as to what’s most appropriate for the property in question.


    • Shape:
      Also has an important role aesthetically. While the shape of mulch may go hand-in-hand with the type of material chosen, some flexibility is possible. Check out the available options and consider the existing look while making the choice.


    • Material:
      Beltran’s offers two types of mulch: rock and wood chips. The rock variety demands more intensive placement procedures while the wood options require a bit more maintenance. With rock, regular weed treatment is all that’s required while wood needs to be built back up annually.


The Advantages of Professional Installation and Maintenance

Knowing that your mulch is implemented properly on your lawn brings peace of mind and ease. Who wants to spend weekends during the spring shoveling mulch? Hire professionals who know what they’re doing, have access to the ideal equipment for the job, and have committed themselves to homeowner satisfaction as it relates to landscape perfection. For mulch purchase, installation, and maintenance, Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape offers the shovels and the materials to appropriately meet the demands of your landscape on a one-time basis or as a regularly scheduled service.

No matter the amount of mulch you need, whether your property is residential or commercial, or have any other factor that might normally affect the service, give us a call. Beltran’s has multiple decades of experience with committed professionals on hand to provide your answers and solutions.

With one call to 239-645-1656 or a quick visit to our location in Punta Gorda, Florida, you’ll be impressed by our passion, knowledge, products, and services. Our commitment to customers and providing high quality landscaping will result in clients who return year after year, and that’s why we work to perfection and satisfaction whether you simply need a load of mulch or also need it spread and laid out properly.

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