Buy Fruit Trees Lee County, FL

Farm to table is a buzzy term in today’s society that highlights the degree of freshness marking America’s food supply. For your personal fruit supply, this term can take on a whole new meaning when you buy and plant fruit trees. To enjoy the freshest fruit possible on your property in Lee County, FL, turn to Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

The Fruit Tree Plan

Buy Fruit Trees Lee County, FLPlanting fruit trees is something that shouldn’t be done haphazardly. The micro-climate of the area, soil features, drainage, sun exposure, and protection from weather matter, and each element needs to be considered before purchase. We offer on-site landscape design, guided purchases, and even tree installation and mulching. By purchasing one, or many, of our trees and providing care according to our instructions, you’ll enjoy fresh fruit in no time at all.

What to Know about Growing Your Own Fruit

The Larger Climate

Knowing where plants and trees will likely grow is as easy as considering the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone. Southwest Florida includes Zones 9 and 10, so we focus on species that thrive within those parameters. You won’t have to wonder about purchases you make from us. You won’t leave without the vital information you need to nurture a fruit-bearing tree.

The Smaller Climate

More than the overall regional weather, your specific property is also important. Where the sun shines during specific parts of the day, average temperatures, temperature ranges, wind exposure, nearness to lakes and oceans, drainage, and elevation are key features that should influence where you plant your fruit trees.

Tree-Specific Demands

Specific aspects about fruit trees will influence your purchase. One in particular is pollination details. Some fruit trees are self-pollinating while others need other trees to aid in pollination. Knowing this quality about the trees you’re considering purchasing allows you to know whether you need to purchase a singularity or plurality of specimen.

Space Needed to Hold the Tree

How many and what kind of fruit trees you add to your property depend on how much room you have available. Large properties can house numerous orange trees, for example, but a smaller yard may only be able to house one or two. The necessary easement area around the tree is essential for both tree growth and protection of structural foundations, power lines, etc.

Types of Soil

Soil generally ranges somewhere between sand to clay. Citrus trees need sandier soil because it drains better than other options. To check the soil on your property, you can request that we check it out for you, or you can dig a hole that you fill with water and clock the amount of time required to drain.

After carefully considering the appropriate factors about your landscape, property, and preferences, you’ll have all the info required to pick a tree and make your purchase. Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape provides design services if you’d prefer someone take care of these issues on your behalf. Every one of our orange, tangelo, lemon, and cocktail trees are disease and pest free and fully prepared to thrive within your landscape.

Bring questions about growing fruit trees on your Lee County, FL, property to Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape before you buy. Call 239-362-4327 or stop in to browse at one of our locations. Whether you need an individual tree or an entire truckload, allow us to help with delivery and installation as well!