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Calling all landscape design enthusiasts – professional and hobbyist alike! We take the confusion out of landscaping in Pine Island, Florida by providing area-hardy plants and pointed, accurate guidance. Whether you need help grouping your flowering plants, a design expert to help with planning, or an installer to turn your landscaping vision into reality, consider Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

Buy Flowering Plants in Pine Island, FloridaIf you’re wondering how to group plants together within a design, the confusion can be overwhelming. Many aesthetic and functional elements will come into play, so the design process can be a tricky one. As you browse our stock, consider depth, color, texture, and height as you settle on the right choices for your landscape. Most importantly, however, consider the practical demands of each plant in the grouping to make sure that they’re compatible with one another.

Include More Than One of Each Type

For your plant grouping, limit the different types of plants. You shouldn’t overwhelm your flower bed design with 15 different varieties, especially if the individual plants are few. For your flower bed design to work well, include odd numbers of each plant. Group the like plantings together. The overall effect should be the best combination of substance and diversity without seeming random.

Follow Best Practices for Aesthetic Impact

A common best practice overlooked by novice landscapers is to include depth within the flower bed. To accomplish a high degree of visual depth, you’ll need various textures, heights, and color. The rule of three is pretty valuable for this purpose.

To begin, make sure that you have three tiers of height within one flower bed design. Ground cover or annuals are often used for the shortest level, followed by mid-level perennial or annual flowers, and completed by the highest level of either ornamental grasses, perennial flowering plants, or even consistently pruned shrubbery.

Texture should also be diverse among the flowering plants you choose. Consider including delicate, rubbery, structured, or spongy plantings within the same beds. Placing different-looking plants next to one another creates an aesthetic contrast that works well for designing professional-level flower bed designs.

Color is of obvious importance while choosing plants. To ensure year-round interest, choose flowering plants that bloom in all seasons, or plant different varieties that bloom at different times. This process may require some time, research, and consultation with the friendly experts here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

Group Plants with Regard to Environmental Needs

As fun as it might be to choose plants and make sure that the ultimate look receives your approval, you must also consider the practical requirements of plants. To have a thriving, successful planting bed, make sure that every plant chosen will grow within the same environment.

While choosing the plants for your landscape, keep in mind that one planting bed will share growing requirements. The amount of sun, water, fertilizer, and soil remediation will be similar. This process is a simple one to resolve when you take a moment and speak with the professionals here at Beltran’s Nursery and Landscape.

As you buy flowering plants in Punta Gorda, Florida, browse our stock and discuss your plan and the growing requirements with our staff in-person or by calling 239-645-1656. We’re always happy to help make your flower bed beautiful and healthy from day one!

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