Punta Gorda

Our largest location.

Beltran is locally owned and operated and has been in business for over 30 years.


You can trust our team will take care of your landscaping needs. Our landscaping services include landscape design, landscape installation, mulch, and sodding. The landscape design process will involve our knowledgeable team assessing your needs. Some of the things we will determine by assessing your needs is sun levels, soil type, maintenance requirements, and irrigation. After assessing we will make recommendations based on your wants and needs and our findings. 

There are some challenges associated with landscape installation. This is why it is crucial to use the correct materials, equipment, and experience. We know you want projects done correctly the first time. Which is why we offer professionals to assess your particular wants and how to implement them. 

The type of mulch you need may depend on if your project is commercial or residential. The common types we consider are wood bark or rock mulch. Sodding can be a large project for a homeowner or commercial property. Our team can help you order, deliver and install different varieties of sod. 

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Plants, Fruit Trees & Palms

Beltran offers a wide variety of palm trees and plants to choose from. When visiting our location you can check out our wide variety of trees and plants.

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Outdoor Furniture & Pottery

We offer plenty of pots, outside ceramics and decor, as well as furniture and outdoor firepits. 

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Are you looking to utilize boulders for your outdoor oasis? We have a variety of options that will upgrade your space. Our boulders include cherry log stone, firelite, river slick, zion canyon and mexican beach pebble.

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